Transitions Of Career Development And Transition Programs

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Transitions occur throughout life and there are numerous transitions students face within the school setting. Since school counselors support students in academic, career and college, and social and personal development, school counselors are in key positions to provide students with opportunities, equity, and access to programs that support smooth transitions and college and career readiness (Erford, 2015). Career development and transition programs are important because they support they can provide students with access and information to programs or careers that they may otherwise not have known about. In addition, transition programs can reduce student stress and anxiety, and can help to improve retention, achievement, and attendance rates (Cauley & Jovanovich, 2006). However, there are challenges that can occur, such as students not having access to rigorous courses or having no personal academic plan (Erford, 2015). Some ways to overcome this is to advocate for students to have rigorous courses that meet the students’ needs for their specific goals. Thus, school counselors can help students create personal academic plans that include college and career goals, and then schedule students in classes that will meet their future goals. In addition, the school counselor can provide valuable information to parents and help students that may not have college and career information provided to them at home.

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