Translating Art Installation into ICT: Lessons Learned from an Experience at Workspace

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In an interactive digital art, the artwork consists in producing relationships between an active audience and a dynamic art-system [8]. These relationships are part of the concept of relational aesthetics, a tendency in contemporary art in which art is a set of artistic practices that produces a social experience completing the artwork [5]. According to Fels [26] people build relationships with objects external to their own self depending on how deeply embodied the person is into an object or an object is into the person. These objects may be other people, devices, or other external entities. For artists, achieving a deeply type of embodiment is challenging [26]. Issues relating to Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) are
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Public art installations has been used to engage people to interact more with their city and their community. These kinds of installation give people a space and a chance to express their individuality, thoughts and aspirations with their community improving or creating relationships among people [6].
Designing space for self-expression and socialization have an important role for people in a community remembering and celebrating their own culture [6]. Several art projects such as "Wishing Wall" [23], "Community Chalkboards" [12] and "Before I Die" [7] used the public space to promote community awareness of audience through art as seen in figure 1. These art projects explored inclusive ways for reflection and sharing a public space using relatively simple materials such as post-its, stickers and stencils. In those studies, it was observed that people decided to interact not only with the installation but also with each other around them in that space. Furthermore, socio-cultural aspects in the audience expression was noticed in the installations [23][12][7].

Figure 1: a) Wishing wall [23]; b) Community Chalkboards [12]; c) Before I die [7]. In the Wishing wall deployed temporarily in Cape Town, people shared their wishes by asking happiness, love and prosperity and it was evident the lack of jobs in the city due to the number of job applications [23]. In the Community

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