Translation As A Method Of Communication

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1. Introduction 1.1. Translation in General Translation is considered a method of communication. It helps people to communicate all over the world without wasting time or efforts. This communication is achieved by translating texts from different countries and languages. Translation studies are mainly divided into cultural and linguistic information. First, cultural studies focus on cultures of countries where the texts are taken from. Moreover, each country has its own specific culture and traditions that affect the source text. This may lead to difficulty in communication and spreading ideas easily to the target text of different culture. As a result, translation deals mainly with these problems of culture by finding methods that help in conveying ideas and contents with minimal loss of meaning. Second, linguistic studies focus on the structures and features of language itself of both source and target texts. Regarding translation domains, there are many domains such as literature, economics and legal domains. 1.2. Translation Methods Translation methods are methods that translation is based on to convey ideas especially when expressions from source language are unique and strange to the target language and its culture. These methods try to make ideas closer to the other culture and to be understood easily. According to Vinay and Darbelnet, there are some “stylistic effects” that can not be transferred from the source language to target language. This can be solved by
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