Translation Of Evidence And Practice

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Translation of Evidence to Practice Does the compliance with a sedation protocol improve after nurses receive a sedation competency over a three month period? The available data supported the hypothesis that nursing education and competency can lead to consistent best practices and positive outcomes for patients. The answers to this research question can help develop interventions that support best practices for patients who are mechanically ventilated and receiving intravenous sedation. The literature supported a positive impact on patient outcomes when sedation awakening trials (SAT) and spontaneous breathing trials (SBT) were coordinated (Klompas et al., 2015, Woien & Bjork, 2012, & Woien, Vaeroy, Aamodt, & Bjork, 2012). The literature also supported the compliance of the coordination was more predictable when the nursing division was provided with protocol education (Klompas et al., 2015, Woien & Bjork, 2012, & Woien, Vaeroy, Aamodt, & Bjork, 2012). The summation of findings indicates that when education was integrated with the research methods, the outcomes related to nursing compliance were consistent and led to the completion of best practices. Nursing education was a controlled variable in research that found a positive correlation with SAT and SBT and outcomes for patients. Additionally, research without this controlled variable found inconsistencies with the performance of SAT/SBT and related outcomes. As a result, the particular relationship between
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