Translation Of Han Shaogong's Unbearable Lightness Of Being?

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2.1.2 Application There are no specific research articles exploring the song lyrics translation from the perspective of rewriting theory. However, analyzing literature translation works as rewriting are frequently discussed among scholars. By analyzing Han Shaogong’s the translation of Milan Kundera’s Unbearable Lightness of Being, Liu (2010) raises the opinion of rewriting is a necessity because the ideologies in two different language cultures are different. The influence of ideology is presented during the process of the selection of literature works to translate (Liu, 2010). Unbearable Lightness of Being was introduced to China and translated because its author Milan Kundera’s country has experienced communist society as well. This…show more content…
In the study of Translation as Rewriting: A Study of Linguistic Politeness in the Story of the Stone, Chen (2014) identifies the difference of the politeness phenomena in Chinese and English and claims that it has led to the rewriting of addressing forms. Ma (2013) also agrees with this point of view in her research on Hawkes' Translation of Hong Lou Meng from the Perspective of Rewriting Theory. 2.2 Lyrics translation 2.2.1 Components in song lyrics translation In the study of Singable Translations of Songs accomplished by Low in 2003, Low (2003) proposed the rudiment of the factors in song lyrics translation being the compatibility with the pre-existing music. In The Pentathlon Approach to Translating Songs, Low (2005, p. 194-197) moves forward to list five criteria in song lyrics translation: singability, sense, naturalness, rhythm and rhyme. Meanwhile, Low (2005, p. 197) also denotes that rhyme is not a necessity based on whether the song lyrics translation will be sung or not. Later in his study of Translating Songs that Rhyme, Low (2008) put forward the opinion of sense and naturalness being comparably important as rhyme and rhythm in need for flexibility. These five criteria were later accepted by Risso who also used them in his research on rap translation (Risso, 2010). Similarly, Andersson and Ulvaeus (2010) hold same opinion with Low but combine the five parameters into three: singability, rhyme and

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