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科技文体翻译 – Practice Translation Exercise

(Please translate the example sentences/paragraphs into English or Chinese where necessary.)

1 .被动语态。


|The machines should be handled with great care. |我们需要好好处理这些机器。 |
|The results of the experiment should be plotted on a graph. |应该把实验结果用一个图表展示出来。 |
|If there had not been any air in the cooling system, the temperature could |如果在冷冻系统里面没有任何空气,那么温度也不可能保持这么低。 |
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Because of the |
| |rotation of the earth all the time, there is sunrise and sunset. |
|有两颗行星比地球更靠近太阳: 水星和金星。 水星是颗小行星, 离太阳又很近。 | |
|它每绕太阳公转两周, 本生就自转三周, 所以水星的一年就是它的一天半。 |There are two planets which are closer to the sun than the earth are, |
|水星温度太高,体积太小, 又没有空气, 所以没有人能在水星上生活。 |called Mercury and Venus. Mercury, a small planet, is very close to the |
| |sun. Every two rounds it run around the sun, it takes the rotation for |
| |three rounds. Therefore, one year for the Mercury is its one day and a |
| |half. The temperature in Mercury is too high and the volume is too small. |
| |There is not any air. Thus, no one can live in the Mercury. |
| | |
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