Translational Research for Practice and Populations

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Translational Research C301 Cesarean Sections and Skin-to-Skin Erica Curry Western Governor’s University A.1. Identify and Describe a Current Nursing Practice within your Healthcare Setting that Requires Change. Willow Creek Women’s Hospital is located in Johnson, Arkansas. Willow Creek is a 38 bed hospital specializing in women’s health, including labor and deliver. Currently we practice skin to skin with our mothers and babies post birth for vaginal deliveries. Skin to skin is when an infant is put directly on the mother’s chest after delivery. The infant is dried off and assessed while on the mother’s chest. I work in the operating room and infants are taken to nursey after delivery. The mothers and infants are…show more content…
The first hour of life is very special and mothers need to be with their infants. B. Identify the Key Stakeholders within your Healthcare Setting who are Part of the Current Nursing Practice. 1. Describe the Role Each Identified Key Stakeholder will play to Support the Proposed Practice Change. There will be a task force to put the new practice into place. The leaders of the task force will be the surgical director and the nursery director. The directors will plan the task force meetings. They will act as resources for the rest of the team. The directors will recruit nurse leaders to participate in facilitating the change to skin to skin. The directors will make sure the staff gets the appropriate training for the skin to skin conversion. There will be at least two registered nurses from the Labor and Delivery unit attending the task force. These nurses will already have experience with infants being skin to skin immediately after delivery. The nurses can help train the operating room staff and perform check-offs of staff for the conversion. The directors will consult with the employee educator for appropriate competency training. An anesthesiologist will also attend the task force meetings. The
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