Transnational And Global Perspectives

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The de-facto home of the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Belgium offers an unparalleled opportunity to immerse myself in Europe’s rich history, understand its contemporary struggles, and explore its multicultural identity. I propose study towards the Masters of European Studies: Transnational and Global Perspectives (MAES) at KU Leuven. By studying broader European diplomacy with the Middle East and Eurasia while also researching Belgian Islamic multiculturalism, I will explore two primary questions. First, how can European conflicts be effectively addressed through cooperation beyond the EU? Second, how has terrorism, radicalization, and Islamophobia within Europe impacted Belgian Islamic identity?…show more content…
I am currently writing a thesis at the University of Pennsylvania considering European media’s conception and representation of terrorist attacks in Europe and the Middle East. Under Dr. Barbie Zelizer, I am performing a quantitative and qualitative analysis of Western European coverage of both the 2015 Paris Attack and Beirut Bombing to consider how Islamic terrorism is represented in the press. At Leuven, I will continue researching European representations of Muslim communities. I will investigate how modern narratives of Islamophobia, terrorism, and radicalization in Belgium, and Europe as a whole, have impacted Belgian Islamic identity. To do this, I will perform a sociological interview study, speaking with Muslim community leaders, Muslim-focused NGO staff, and Middle Eastern diplomats. I have secured a letter of affiliation from the Director of the MAES program, Dr. Patrick Pasture, who has agreed to supervise my thesis as it fits into an interdisciplinary research project he is pursuing. KU Leuven offers close proximity to Brussels’ supranational organizations that will allow me to deeply engage with European political perspectives and a valuable international student-body. Leuven coordinates guest lectures with diplomats and NGO leaders, allowing me to more practically understand broader European conflicts as they happen. Additionally, the
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