Transnational Crime Essay

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Transnational Crime
Comparative Criminal Justice Systems


Transnational crime is a growing problem. Transnational crime is defined as “self-perpetuating associations of individuals who operate transnational for the purpose of obtaining power, influence, monetary and/or commercial gains, wholly or in part by illegal means, while protecting their activities through a pattern of corruption and/ or violence, or while protecting their illegal activities through a transnational structure and the exploitation of transnational commerce or communication mechanisms.” (National Security Council, n.d.) . Transnational crimes are known under other names such as cross-national crime, global crime, international crime, and
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Although, there are many worse transnational crimes being committed, Sheila Jackson Lee stated a quote I find very accurate; “We have not won the war against drug trafficking.”
Money laundering has been defined as the process by which criminals attempt to conceal the illicit origin and ownership of the proceeds from their illegal activities. Criminals obtain the money from their illicit activities such as drug trafficking, fraud, etc. From that point forward, three stages are to happen in order for the crime of money laundering to be committed. The first stage is placement. Placement means the cash is deposited into banks. The second stage is layering meaning the funds are moved into other financial institutions to throw off any suspicions of its origins. The final stage is integration which simply means the money is used for legitimate assets such as purchasing a house or investing in stocks and other things of that nature.
Maritime piracy in recent weeks has been on the rise around the Gulf of Aden, the Somali Basin, and the Indian Ocean. As stated in the text book, “In the first six months of 2011, there were 266 pirate attacks on the world’s seas. More than 60 percent of those were by Somali pirates who are increasingly bold in their actions.” For example, in 2011 there was an attack by Somali pirates which shocked most. The Somali pirates during monsoon season targeted a ship and proceeded to shoot at it in the Indian Ocean.
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