Transnational Gang Essay

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Our altar project would focused on transnational gangs such as Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13).We want to emphasize that this gang has a long history of terrorizing communities’ from Central America to Mexico as well as the United States; but most important in how this gang tends to have an impact in Latina/o communities. The history of this gang would be emphasize in our research paper as well as in our altar. For instance, Timothy would focus on the history of the gang by answering the 5 W’s by focusing on what, who, when, where, why, and how this gang started and how it has turn into a transnational gang know across America. Claritza would be focusing in how family is impacted and why people get recruited and join this gang. Many times socioeconomic statues and the sense of community or…show more content…
Jandy would be focusing in migration there’s no doubt that many coming from Central America such as, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador had to come by the Bestia (train) and there’s no doubt that many have been victims of La Mara Salvatrucha or many Salvatruchas members who have deported tend to comeback and set territories within the boarder of Mexico. This topic would be more emphasize in our research paper but also in our altar. For instance, we are planning to put a train in our altar to symbolize how migration play a role. For instance, it relates to history the fact that many Salvadorian youth started to migrate was to escape the Civil war and started the gang for a sense of belonging in a new country now they have turn into one of the most notorious gangs. Marisol would be focusing on the organization and the hierarchy structure of this gang for instance what social positions within the gang do members hold and also in how to identify individuals in this gang for instance, from tattoos, to their fashion meaning the colors of clothing they wear and the culture they
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