Transnational Relations And Non State Actors

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The impacts of transnational relations and non-state actors have been highlighted at the end of the cold war and the recent increase in globalization movement. It is undeniable that the position of transnational society has influenced a lot of outcomes in international relations today. This essay highlights different types of transnational actors and their local and global influence capacity. The interdependence between state and non-state actors are explored. The discussion is also based on the understanding that different political schools of thought have conflicting opinions on the effectiveness and relevance of transnational movements. As such, the discussion highlights the theories and proves or disproves them based on contemporary situations in global politics. Nation-states are considered to have the main influence in world politics. However, increase in globalization movement has resulted to complications in world politics to the extent that nation-states do not have full control over world politics. Nations-states, private sectors and international organizations make up the international system. There is a continual increase in the number of international organizations. The increase does not support the occurrence of political, social and economic transactions that are conducted between societies, states and individuals. Currently, the transnational system that has emerged as a result of establishment of several non-state actors poses a great threat to state-based
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