Transparency Reports And Reduction Of Carbon Footprint

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Transparency reports and reduction of carbon footprint Transparency report has become mandatory in Australia and United Kingdom regulated by the Depeartment for Environment Food & Rural Affairs (2013). This has catalyses many corporation, such as Facebook and Google, to produce an environmental report that includes waste management, greenhouse and carbon emmission and many other indicators. Global Reporting Initiative has produced a reporting framework that is widely used today. As noted by Norman & McDonald (2003) “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”, this method serves as a measureable indicator that reveals both to the public and stake holders on the emmision by any company and allow companies to manage them reducing their…show more content…
3. Environmental Sustainability Adaption After much discussion, it is concluded that environmental sustainability would be implemented in two categories: company level and individual project level. Company Level By 2019, Square Enix would strive to attain an ISO 14001:2015. Prior to 2019, Square Enix will start to maintain an EMS, which will be built on top of our existing Quality Management System as suggested by Willborn (1998) seen in Figure 7: Adapting EMS based on QMS (Willborn, 1998). With the EMS, the first internal audit will start by 4th quarter of 2017. Square Enix will release a Corporate Social Responsibility objective in upcoming months. The time is needed for our company to address our company stand and consult environmental experts, nevertheless, as according to Russell (2008) CSR “is too big an issue to leave to someone else to address” and recommended both companies and project managers to work harder to influence environmental sustainability as both are the front-line decision makers, consistent with Watson et al.’s (2012) call. Finally, Square Enix will join the global reporting initiative in producing an environmental transparency report from the beginning of 2017, despite it being not mandatory in Japan. During this period, all project managers will be sent for ISO14000 training, enabling a better understanding for ISO 140000 lieu of the implementation. Project Level With the blanket decision in place, project
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