Transperfect Case

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Transperfect has their own patent attorney for intellectual property cases. Over 700 organizations and 100 law firms use Lionbridge's legal services. SDL has over 12,000 freelance translators in their company. Overview Hello! Thank you for using Wonder to ask about what add-on services that Lionbridge, Transperfect, LanguageLine Solutions, and SDL offer to their customer base. The short answer is that these four companies offer a significant amount of add-on services in the legal and healthcare field. The majority of companies offer ISO certifications for their employees to ensure consistent and accurate work throughout the client's entire request. However, I noticed that some of these companies offered a bit more useful services than others. LanguageLine offered just the basics of…show more content…
I cited all of my relevant sources for each section requested and filled in the cells with other information or services that they offered that may also be classified in the categories. Out of the four companies, Language Line Solutions offered the fewest options. Transperfect offered the most add-ons, featuring extensive clinical trial outcome research, an entire patent research team, and copyright and trademark translations. GOOGLE SLIDESHOW FINDINGS For the slideshow, I highlighted the squares that I was unsure of and followed the format of using a "Y" for yes and an "N" for no. None of the four companies I researched offered legal document storage. Language Line Solutions did not offer many services for legal add-ons. Transperfect was the only company that offered deposition processing services for their customers. In my research, I found that Lionbridge's legal services are used by over 700 organizations and 100 law firms. SDL offered extensive attorney reviews and translations for legal
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