Transport Disadvantage And The Regional Transport Essay

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Introduction It is widely acknowledged that Northern Ireland has suffered from decades of underinvestment in its roads and public transport (RTS, Department for Regional Development 2002). Northern Irelands public transport networks are lacking in many areas of the country. To address key issues surrounding a lack of adequate transport provision, and to combat the growing problems of car dependence and transport disadvantage, the Northern Ireland Assembly commissioned the Regional Development Strategy and the Regional Transport Strategy. This essay will discuss the nature of transport disadvantage, identify the groups affected by transport disadvantage, and evaluate and discuss the policies proposed by the Regional Transport Strategy, and how they will attempt to remedy the problems faced by these disadvantaged groups. What is Transport Disadvantage? Transport disadvantaged groups can be identified as individuals and families in the society that cannot easily travel to the opportunities they would like to use. (Warren, Paula 2011). Transport disadvantage can be more easily defined as the difficulty in accessing transport through a result of cost, location, disability or age. Transport disadvantage in Northern Ireland has been exacerbated by an increase in car dependency rates and less investment in local transport services for socially disadvantaged groups. The number of journeys mad by car in Northern Ireland accounted for 72% of all journeys made in 2012-2014, an
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