Transportation Is The Lifeline Of A City

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Abstract: ¬ As we know, population and population density in urban areas are very high in comparison to rural areas of a country. So, they require efficient and convenient transportation of goods and persons. It is also said that, “transportation is the lifeline of a city”. There is lack of a good transport system in cities due to limited road space. So they need an efficient and economical public transport system which is able to satisfy their requirement of urban mobility. In this era, there are a lot of ways of transportation. So this paper contains some modes of transport which are suitable for developing countries like India.
Introduction: Good public transport systems are an essential part of safe, clean and affordable transport for development. From a social perspective, public transport is often the only means of transport for the poor. Without it, they would be able to look at work opportunities only within walking distance of their homes, so public transport improves their livelihood opportunities. It also gives them greater access to education, health care and recreation. For senior citizens, people with disabilities and children, public transport is also their main means of mobility. So, this paper contains some public transport methods which are economical and suitable for developing countries like India and middle class people.
Current Situation of urban transport in India: India is poised for economic growth and wants sustainable flow of goods and people.…
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