Transportation Is The Most Popular Form Of Transportation

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In all countries transportation has always been a staple I every community, city, state and country. Without some form of transportation it would take forever for one person to point B from point A. To solve the issue people began using animals as transportation. The horse was the most popular form of transportation because it was very fast and multiple people could ride on a horse at a time. Then people began being transported by horse and buggy, which eventually led to trains and cars. Today transportation is no longer an issue, but the price for transportation is a huge issue. With gas prices constantly rising year after year and cost of living going up, people in society are trying to live more efficiently. To live more efficiently Taxis and metro were created but today they are no longer the most efficient way to travel. To travel efficiently a company in the United States created something called UBER. Uber is the next big thing when it comes to travel efficiency and it would benefit other countries as well.

Uber stands out from the rest of the crowd with four basic utilities that add a lot of value to the customer experience. Uber first needed to form a way for not just one person to ride but for multiple to ride and everyone in the Uber vehicle would split the difference in the price of the Uber ride. Then Uber had to figure out a way to get an Uber to the customers in a timely fashion. To complete that task Uber employed 160,000 Uber drivers by the end of 2014

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