Transportation Management And The Transportation Industry

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Transportation management involves transit managers who coordinate and oversee the activities of others to accomplish organizational goals by utilizing the available resources. Managers play an important role in helping others work efficiently and effectively. In order to become a manager, certain skills are needed to work corporately with others and also independently. Transportation management is crucial to the transportation industry because without effective leaders, there would be inefficiency. Transportation management is distinctive in several ways such as the development of strategies that serve the greater good, the ability to work well with the board of directors and public to provide reliable and affordable transportation services, and the understanding of the importance of public transportation funding.

There are many different managerial functions and roles that transit managers perform. According to our reading Introduction to Management and Organizations, “No two managers’ jobs are exactly alike. All managers perform certain functions, enact certain roles and display a set of skills in their jobs.” For example, San Joaquin Regional Transit District’s (RTD) General Manager, Donna DeMartino, is highly involved with California Transit Association (CTA) and American Public Transportation Association (APTA) while other transit managers may not. Some management functions may include planning, organizing, leading and controlling specific activities throughout the…
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