Transportation Options For A City Rail Link ( Crl )

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Auckland is easily navigable with a variety of transportation options that include personal cars, an excellent public transportation system, and taxis.

PERSONAL CAR: Cars are used as a primary mode of transportation throughout Auckland. The streets are in excellent repair with clear signage in English. Driver etiquette is also excellent and traffic laws are typically obeyed. Expatriates usually choose to drive a small or medium car around the city. Traffic may become congested during rush hour, especially on and around the Harbour Bridge.

DRIVER: Drivers are not needed. Assignees and families typically drive themselves.

RAIL: Auckland’s simple and efficient rail system is commonly used by commuters. Trains and stations
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TAXI: Metered taxis are clean and safe to use and serve as a popular alternative mode of transportation for expatriates. They are sometimes difficult to flag down, but may be booked in advance via phone. Rates vary depending on the taxi company.

WALKING: It is safe to walk around Auckland during the daytime. Most neighborhoods are also suitable for pedestrians at night.

FERRY: Ferries across some of Auckland’s Harbors are safe for expatriates to use and are also integrated with the Auckland Transport rail and bus systems.

OTHER: Auckland is also a bike friendly city with numerous bike lanes.


Due to security risks and lack of infrastructure, transportation options in Lagos are limited. Most assignees will travel via personal car with a hired driver.

PERSONAL CAR: Personal cars are used as the primary mode of transportation in Lagos. Although the city’s main thoroughfares are in good repair, a significant portion of the secondary and minor roads are unpaved. For this reason, expatriates commonly purchase large cars or SUVs. Roads are marked in English but signage is inconsistent, and traffic laws are not always obeyed. Traffic congestion due to overcrowding is a significant issue in Lagos, especially on and around the few bridges that connect the city 's most popular neighborhoods and commercial centers. Commuters should expect to pay road tolls.

DRVIER: Drivers are commonly used.
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