Transportation Options For New Paths Connecting The North And South Sides Of The Bridge

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earlier, the suspender ropes, main cables and cable strands on the GWB have not been replaced since the bridge originally opened in 1931. When these are replaced, an opportunity will open to provide enhanced alternative transportation options to bicycles and pedestrians by creating new, safer paths connecting the north and south sides of the bridge.

 Project Benefits: This effort ensures customer safety and enhances alternative, environmentally sensitive, transportation options in the region.

 Risks: Not executing this initiative could lead to community relation problems.

 2017 Budget Implications and/or Capital Plan: Of the $13.8M need for the entire GWB Suspender Rope Replacement project (discussed earlier) XXX is needed for
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3) Keep the Director and appropriate department staff apprised of Title VI Program requirements and developments, and of the work of the Working Group.

4) Provide input and information on the processes, procedures and operations of their respective departments to ensure the best possible decision-making in the development and completion of Title VI Program.

5) Collect Title VI-related data as required for annual reports and internal analysis. Liaisons will also provide Office of Business Diversity and Civil Rights on August 1 of each year a written report of their department’s Title VI Program accomplishments, the results of reviews conducted and the work plans goals for the following year.

6) Assist when necessary in the coordination of Title VI Program reviews, desk audits or data requests in cooperation with the Civil Rights Program Manager and participate as needed in the resolution of Title VI complaints.

 Risks: TB&T is required to comply with Title VI to comply with Federal funding standards. Other risks would include not having a staff knowledgeable about Business Diversity and Civil Rights exposing TB&T to potential staff and legal problems.

 2017 Budget Implications and/or Capital Plan: A dedicated Band 3 staff person would be $XXXX

 2017 Staffing Resources: TB&T is currently seeking a dedicated Band 3 staff person to administer this program.

Absence Management Program
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