Transportation Planning in Australia: Motorcycles and Motor Scooters

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1. Introduction Motorcycles and motor scooters are a typically neglected method of travel in traffic and transport planning in Australia. As a result, there is a significant knowledge gap in the topic of interest as past research rarely consider motorcycles on equivalent terms to other travel modes. To understand motorcycle and motor scooter commuting there is a need for comprehensive data. The Australian Censuses ‘Journey to Work’ (JTW) data provides one source that enables analysis over time and across locations. This source of data has seldom been analysed for the context of motorcycle and motor scooter commuting in Australia. The broad aim of this study is to enhance the understanding about motorcycle and motor scooter use. Motorcycles…show more content…
• Identify the geographic characteristics of usage patterns in terms of the distribution of origins and destinations. • Statistical analysis of demographic characteristics of motorcycle/scooter commuters including age and gender. The following sections of this paper will begin with a literature review. This will provide an insight into the current situation of motorcycle and motor scooter commuting in Australia and other relevant countries. This will then be followed by an explanation of the JTW data from the Australian Census, including any limitations. A detailed analysis of the JTW data will then follow for the three major cities. The final section of this study will entail the research directions and conclusions. 2. Motorcycle and Motor scooter use: Insight from the literature The literature available for motorcycle and motor scooter commuting is somewhat limited, particularly research completed for Australian cities. The reason for this is that motorcycles and motor scooters are typically only looked at in terms of safety. This is due to the fact that motorcycle and motor scooter riders make up a good proportion of road fatalities even though they are a mode which is not heavily used. In Victoria, motorcyclists make up around 3.5% of registered vehicles and account for 1% of vehicle kilometres travelled but represent 16% of the road toll in 2013 (TAC, 2014). Key studies on motorcycle safety include ‘Appropriate and

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