Transportation Pollution and Global Warming an Article by Nadeine Unger

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Nowadays, driving has become a part of our lives and culture. However, this culture has also caused us a lot of problems such as traffic congestion, oil consumption, and pollution. For some people, they need cars because it is a personal transportation, and public transportation is not convenient enough. Although my friends and roommates live so close to the school, they love to drive to school because they do not believe the bus schedule. In the artlice “Drowsy Driving – Stay Alert, Arrive Alive”( shows that 71% of adults in America drive a car to and from work, which means a lot of people cannot live without cars now.
At the same time, in the article “Transportation Pollution and Global Warming,” Nadeine Unger, she states that cars will create a lot of black carbon, which is bad for air quality and our health. As I mentioned before, almost everyone in U.S. owns a car, which means people are creating an unknown amount of black carbon every day . Despite what people who drive alone may believe, public transportation is an excellent system as it can solve the traffic problem, lessen car accidents, help with our time management, save our money, and rescue our health and the environment.
First of all, More cars on the freeways lead to more traffic problem, which means driving alone in our car is wasting our time. People who drive on streets and freeways will be wasting time because there will be a traffic congestion on streets and freeways everyday. Public
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