Transportation Security Administration

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AITs mainly the threat of terrorism acts
By an IED downing for a commercial airliner to prevent dedicated (Improvised Explosive Devices
Device) smuggled on board by a passenger. The cost of this technology will reach $ 1.2 billion per
Year by 2013 to 2014. System prepared for the traveler AITs preliminary cost-benefit analysis
Screening at U.S amd Canadian airport working this time. In this section, sevice frequent-flyer programs are more and more travelers have different prices as own country to the point to where the above is free. And Or discounted tickets for in service of customer Recently, airlines have expanded the number of increase fees on routes schedules. For the transport of goods and other services charge for air travel and provide Execllent services for passenger. Threat to homeland security needs assessment and cost- benefit Programs , and supported by the Department of Homeland Security
In particular, force , government , industry, and many examples ( social is made by
U.S. National Research Council After a 15 -month study period , the main recommendations DHS , and
Their main conclusion was: " The committee did not find any DHS risk analysis Buy DHS capabilities are sufficient to support the judgment and…
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