Transportation and Logistics: An Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated bibliography Holden E. (2007). Achieving Sustainable Mobility : Everyday and Leisure-Time Travel in the EU. Ashgate Publishing Group. HYPERLINK "" This will be the basis of comparative study of the issue of transport and a look at various case studies that are covered in it. It is instrumental since it comprehensively covers the EU transport system hence giving the research literature review a wide perspective. The book will also be instrumental in highlighting the alternative new technologies that are used in the contemporary transportation and mobility. Bersani C., & Garbolino E., (2008). Advanced Technologies and Methodologies for Risk Management in the Global Transport of Dangerous Goods. IOS Press: Amsterdam. HYPERLINK "" The book elucidates on the various means of ensuring efficient transport system while at the same time keeping the risks at an all time low. It highlights the various ways through which a person can identify and minimize risks in the process of transporting goods from one point to the destination. This will be useful in sourcing for information on the kind or type of goods that can be handled in which manner and categorization in terms of risk level of goods and how this can be used in
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