Transportation and Logistics Management

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TRANSPORTATION AND LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT 3 Transportation and Logistics management Transportation and Logistics management Introduction The global marketplace, which has matured and grown in dramatic fashion over the course of the past two decades, has unveiled many new problems that accompany such a rapid growth spurt. The global market now reflects a multitude of differing ideas, opinions and approaches to how a successful economy should operate. As a result, a lack of standardization and unification is present in this situation and a clear demand for a level playing field is in order. Logistics and transportation avenues are in dire need of being reworked because of this multitude of key interests. Bearing the continued diversification of the client needs and integration prompted by globalization, there is an immediate need to add value to the existing transport and logistics chain, particularly on the side of the receiving clients. The purpose of this essay is to explore some of the methods to achieve a more balanced and fair approach to a global logistics chain and integrate some of these ideas into practical solutions. Interrelationship between Transportation and Logistics In order to achieve a more balanced and fair approach to a global logistics chain it is important to understand how important the interrelationship between transportation and logistics. Without well-developed transportation systems, logistics could not bring its advantages into full play. Having
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