Transportation in Arabia: Improving Infrastructure Using Modern Technology

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Transportation in Arabia Introduction of petrodollar in Saudi Arabia has facilitated several mega infrastructure development projects within the country, especially the transport network which has in return supported different economic developments. The country has become in a position to boast an extensive transportation network such as road, rail, sea and air. Road transport: There are different forms of road in the country from eight laned roads to small two laned roads in rural areas. There are also city highways and other major highways which have been maintained well, for example the roads in the Riyadh. These roads have been construction in such a way that they can resist the consistently high temperatures as well as not reflecting the strong sunshine. Despite the traffic jam that exists in the roads as well as accidents that arise due to low standards of some roads the government has established initiatives to rebuild these roads. This kind of transport is cheaper because of the available oil in the country that makes fuel price cheaper. Rail transport: Though the rail transport has not received the same level if investments because of the over-reliance on roads and air transport, there are new plans of adding more tracks and develop new railway routes. The rail network of Saudi Arabia is operated by a state owned company known as Saudi Railways Organization (SRO). It has established freight services on two major lines that totals to 1018km. It has connected

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