Traolach: A Class Analysis

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Has there been a time that you have done something that took a lot of nerves? One time that I did something that took a lot of nerves was last year. In history class that day, our class was run by one student from our class. The leader that was chosen by the class really wasn’t chosen by the class. Traolach said that he was the leader so he took power; the class went by his rules. At the start, of Traolach’s power, I knew this was going to be a fail. The reason for thinking that it was going to be a fail because it took us like the whole class time to do the bellringer, the bellringer is spouse to start the class up not take up the whole class period. That was why I wanted to take a stand and get a new leader in power. We as a class needed someone to become a leader and take control instead of asking the class if they needed more time. Traolach was doing the opposite, he really had to control in…show more content…
My idea was to try to make a little group take down the leader. When trying to make the group I had to find people that felt the same as me; which was to have a new leader because our leader was not efficient.That task was not that hard to complete because a lot of people were feeling that our class was not getting things done efficiently. I felt really strongly about getting a new leader; so my decision was to rally out the people who felt the same as me take down the leader. My plan to gather the people that had the same point of view on the matter was to find the people in the class that I knew was a risk taker like me. So I stuck with my plan and I knew that Nicky and Eddie were risk takers. I went up to them and asked them if they wanted to join me to take down the leader, which was Traolach. As I had gathered the people that I knew would help me to take a stand because usually you need more than one person to make a difference especially when I am a 13-year-old boy that people think as a
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