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Wrap Up (whole group discussion)

Store Survival Kits and gather together to wrap up the day with a quick recap:

Your body needs five nutrients to survive: protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Plants can be a great source of all of these, but it is important to know which plants or plant parts are edible.

Believe it or not, thistles are edible, and easy to identify. In 1870, a man named Truman Everts was part of the early exploration of the Yellowstone region. At some point during the expedition, he became lost. For a month, he subsisted on thistles. Why thistles? He lost had lost his glasses and was able to identify thistles by touch.

All parts of the thistle plant are edible, even the spiny leaves. To prevent your mouth, throat and stomach from getting poked or cut, the spines of young leaves can be removed. It is also possible to fold or roll the leaves so the spines are
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Know what you’re looking for, prepare it properly and when in doubt, take a pass and head to the grocery aisle.

Check for Understanding:

Dandelions are a great source of nutrition and can be found virtually everywhere. What are the key characteristics of dandelions (Fibrous root, hollow stalk that contains milky substance, teeth-like leaves without hairs, yellow flower)
What 3-5 ways to maximize the amount of water collected from leaves? (Answers may include location, size, type)
What are some other ways plants or plant parts can be used as a Survivor? (Lots of possible answers, including shelter, cordage, cleaning, insect repellent and clothing.)

Extensions: Cordage

Plants provide a bounty of survival gear, like food, shelters and ropes. Making a rope out of grass is pretty easy. All you need is a field that has long grasses and scissors.

Instructions: see for
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