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Year 8 Critical Review – Different Cultures…
How does Jolil feel trapped between the two cultures in the short story Kiss Miss Carol by Farrukh Dhondy?
In this essay I shall be discussing and looking at how Jolil feels, distressed between two different cultures that he is living in, at school and at home. Jolil feels stuck between the two cultures because his family are Muslim. Their culture is Bangladeshi and he is living in Britain in the East End of London. In ‘Kiss Miss Carol’ I think Farrukh Dhondy is trying to emphasise the contrast between the two different cultures and put across to the audience how difficult it is to merge them together harmoniously.
In ‘Kiss Miss Carol’ Jolil’s father works hard and wants his son to follow
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We’re told that at Liverpool Street station. “There was a lot of traffic and thousands of white people hurrying towards the station. They were the kind of white people who didn’t bother you.” However, there were estates where Jolil experienced racial discrimination. “Once when he was walking home from school some white men on a balcony had watched him and shouted bad things at him and one of them threw a bucket of soapy water all over him.” Jolil only really felt safe in his own community in Brick Lane: “Nearly everyone in Brick Lane and the streets beyond it Bengali, Punjabi or Indian or something.” Jolil feels he is not always safe when he is walking home because of past experiences and gets concerned about whether people will say or do things to him and he may get harmed.

At school Jolil finds it difficult to fit in as a majority of the school are either white or a different culture to him. “School was a different world…” This evokes that Jolil feels he is living in a completely different world when he is at home and feels he doesn’t belong there… Although Jolil finds school hard, sometimes he much prefers being at school rather than at home: “I have to go to school mum.” This tells us that Jolil is eager to get to school and doesn’t want to be at home. His mother and father expect him to work hard at school as well as making him take days off to help them with their work. “What’s so important about your school

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