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Trapping a Mouse


Trapping a mouse is not as easy as one might think. Mice are very crafty and they have an uncanny ability to steal the bait from a trap without getting caught. I was shown at a very early age just how slick these mice could be. Consequently, I was also taught the proper way to trap a mouse.


It is very important to use the right ingredients when trapping these pesky critters. This is very important to ensure a good clean kill. You should use the two-bait method. By using this time-tested procedure, you will have an approximate success rate of 80% to 100%. The two ingredients used for this type of trapping are peanut butter and Velveeta cheese. Why these two particular items? Have you eaten
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One afternoon my grandfather and I were out in the yard when we heard a scream. It was a screech that I had never heard before. As I looked toward my grandfather to ask whom he thought it was, I noticed he was already racing toward the house. He instinctively knew who was screaming. I started running after him. We threw open the front door and ran up the steps to his apartment. As we reached the landing, we could hear my grandmother yelling in Italian. At that moment my grandfather started to laugh out loud. He was a big, barrel-chested man and his laugh was very robust. I couldn't understand why he was laughing or why grandma was screaming. As we opened the door, I found out why. There, perched on top of a chair, was my grandmother - broom in hand, swatting at the kitchen table. We soon discovered the cause of all the commotion. She started telling us about a mouse she had just seen on the table. Apparently she went to put something on the table and there he sat, snacking on a piece of cheese. It had frightened her so much, that she couldn't do anything but scream. After a few minutes she calmed down and told my grandfather he'd better trap that mouse, or else!


So my grandfather and I went out and bought a mousetrap that could catch the intruder. It was the wooden style with a jaw that pulled over and locked in place, which is then tripped when the mouse tries to get the bait. That night we sat at the table and loaded the trap

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