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Literally let’s talk trash, even in an environmental conscience society no one really wants to talk about how they dispose of their garbage and whether they recycle or not. Regardless, the next time you throw something in the trash bin, stop and consider where well your garbage end up, most likely in an over-crowded landfill. According to estimated statistic taken in 2006 “55% (percent) of our waste will be buried in landfills, 33% (percent) will get recycled, and 12% (percent) will be burned in incinerators” (Human Footprint). Our garbage, whether it is buried, burned, or dumped is something that should concern every one of us. Consequently most landfills constructed in the early 1930’s were not properly designed to prevent leakage. …show more content…
Awareness created responsiveness in my home, not to mention the fine associated with non compliance. Recycling needs to be reconsidered for it is earth’s last line of defense. It makes more sense to reuse or reprocess materials and cut back on production rather than to manufacture new virgin material. The environmental Defense Fund has noted that “the energy conserved through recycling is about five times as valuable as the average cost of disposing trash in landfills in the US” (Gone Tomorrow 181). As we can see recycling is an intelligent decision it makes good sense, it will help conserve our natural resources and be beneficial to our health and environment. Now we need to analyze recycling objectively in a different light and take notice individually of the real benefits of recycling all of the glass, aluminum cans, plastics, paper products and metals that we consume daily.
When we recycle aluminum cans, plastic containers, glass, paper products and metals, we preserve space in our landfills and reduce the use of chemicals. Chemicals are used to try and break down aluminum, glass and some plastics that are almost indestructible. Recycling alone will not solve all our waste issues, although environmentally friendly, it tends to have its flaws. “Recycling does have its technical limits; recycled materials can only be

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