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Trashables Professional triathlete, Sally Edwards said “If we will not settle for junk living, we certainly shouldn’t settle for junk food” (Don’t ask). Suggesting that we consume so much processes food without thinking twice, but wouldn’t in other aspects of life. In today’s society, these harmful foods are easily accessible to the general public. One might find it easier to purchase a pre-made meal rather than cook at home. Advertisers are well known of that preference and use it to their benefit. With the movement of healthy eating many companies are falling behind to provide that clean eating many of their customers are asking for. Instead they try to deceive customers with their ads seeming to be healthy. In the February issue of…show more content…
They focus on the 100% juice that’s in bold red writing to have buyers conclude that the rest of the meal is also harmless. The already packaged meal comes off to parents as time saving. Take the Lunchables turkey & cheddar cracker for stackers instance, this meal consists of turkey, cheese and crackers. This meal is a total of 330, not bad calories wise. Well this Lunchables has over 90 ingredients requiring a master’s degree in order to pronounce some of the words. “This meal contains 9 grams of saturated fat, which is 45% of our daily maximum. There’s also 1 gram of Trans fat. Something you never want to consume even in small quantities” (inside the label). On top of all that this Lunchables offers very little to no nutrients at all. With the increases of childhood obesity leading to diabetes parents need to choose wisely what they are feeding their children. Consumers also need to keep in mind that just because something is easily accessible, doesn’t make it the best option. The light green packaging, aiming to be viewed as environmentally friendly is deceiving. ‘Everything is individually wrapped in plastic and then placed on a sheet of plastic. All the air is then sucked out of the meal, leaving no air or oxygen” (Lunchables packaging). “None of the packaging is recyclable considering that all of it, excluding the part you eat, is plastic (Lunchables packaging). With the
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