Trauma And Its Effects On Children

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Without a doubt having taken this course has opened my eyes to the subject of trauma and its effects in ways that I would never have conceived in my limited exposure to this area of study. I can say, that it is the study of trauma and its many faceted dimensions that have perked up my ears at times such as when the mention of the term on the T.V. brings me to tune in to hear what the latest event or discussion surrounding a specific take on violence and its trauma related after probing. My reflection on my emotional reactions to certain KB’s is that at the heart of the topic of trauma are various nuisances. I am looking at my journey as I go through the course, and I am personally affected by resilience as a factor of people’s lives. I was struck by this because the idea was not one which comes to my attention when thinking of trauma. What comes to mind is what takes place at the time of a traumatic event and the recovery aspect of it. The varied aspects of family history and resilience never entered the conversation about trauma which I carried on with myself. But after looking at the need for victims of traumatic events such as a mass shooting to get better after a traumatic event, it is reiterated over and over by research of well documented studies as to how a person’s recovery progresses will depend on what resilience mechanisms have been laid down in their childhood for a given individual. I have this point of view or good stressors to fall back on for myself
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