Trauma And Its Effects On Society

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Though across the world, the human race is separated by race, religion, gender, or social group, we are all united by one thing: the possibility of a traumatic experience. There is simply no escaping it; it is inevitable that either you are someone you know will one day survive, be impacted by, or die from a trauma. Trauma reaches the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor and often unites the two. When something traumatic happens, it is usually my favorite thing to see or hear about the many stories of neighbors and strangers, close friends and distant relatives, uniting together to do whatever they can to help the one who have suffered. Unlike many of the things that people have to experience in life, trauma is very diverse, because it plays on two major parts of the human psyche, negatively impacting not only the physical but the psychosocial wellbeing as well. I have learned that although most people sustain serious physical injuries it is often the mental stability of the victim that is usually an ongoing problem for a strong majority of their life or even all the way until the person’s death. Some people just never recover mentally from traumatic experiences and this ultimately goes on the impact their quality of life. Trauma today seems to be happening a lot more frequently than it did when I was a little girl. It may be true that since I was younger, maybe I do not remember every single trauma that occurred, but to disprove that theory, I did some research.
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