Trauma And Observation Report

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I think that I would mostly be effected by crisis or trauma occurring to populations that cannot engage in self-defense or those who have limited protections. When I refer to these populations, I am referring to children, older folk, and those that have physical disabilities. During our last presentation, I was very upset just listening to the work that was involved in interviewing a child that has experienced trauma. I felt like I could not stand listening to the horrific stories of abuse. I feel that my heart is just not strong enough for that. I have nieces and nephews, and listening to information makes it a very real thing that they could be in danger. This information made me aware that we are not always safe, especially for those who have minimal protections. This Breaks down the illusion of safety, and comfort in safety.…show more content…
I also feel that I am healthy enough to recognize this as a trigger. I think about having to do this work on a day to day basis, and I imagine my self-quitting within the week. I feel that I could better work with someone who is effected by a natural cause, or a natural disaster. I am not sure what really makes the difference for me, I imagine that the amount of pain, suffering, and long term effects may be different., maybe easier to work with. I think that it may be easier because no one I know has been effected in that way, but has been effected by physical abuse. Prevention of Bicurious Trauma and Compassion Fatigue How can this be prevented? I do not think it can be completely prevented. I feel that as humans, we have the honor to feel love, compassion, sympathy, and empathy. If we feel any of those things, then we will experience bicurious trauma. I think one way to help ourselves in this situation would be to identify and accept our limits. Also, accepting that there are some very ugly parts of the human race, and that bad things happen unfortunately. When is started the program,
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