Trauma On Personality Development

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General Overview
There is a need to examine the literature to grasp a better understanding how trauma can impact the development of personality disorders, as well as how people who have personality disorders respond to trauma. However, research on Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) comorbidity has usually been retrospective and focused mainly on the prevalence of other primary psychiatric (Axis I) diagnoses and not personality disorders (Axis 2) (according to the DSM-IV), even over ten years later (Dunn, Yanasak, Schillaci, Simotas, Rehm, Souchek, & Hamilton, 2004; Bollinger, Riggs, Blake, & Ruzek, 2000). The purpose of our project is to examine how trauma impacts the development of personality disorders and how individuals with personality disorders respond to trauma. Thus we pose two research questions:
How do personality disorders develop from trauma?
How do people with different personality disorders respond to trauma?
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The limited research regarding PTSD and personality disorders has primarily focused on individuals with military experience, classifying as veterans. Important to note, the present research has only shown how personality disorders develop from this population, not how these individuals who had a personality disorder responded to trauma (our second research question). One could assume, that’s because research and literature has not diagnosed active military personal with a personality disorder due to possible negative
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