Traumadin's Pharmacology Case Study

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A review of the medical records indicates that he suffers from multiple medical illness which includes chronic HTN, chronic atrial fib for which he is on Coumadin, chronic DM, chronic BPH with obstruction-has indwelling Foley catheter. He who was admitted to MHS on 5/10/2017 with SOB, cough and hypoxia, diagnosed and treated for pneumonia. Also received thoracentesis x2, transudate, and bronchoscopy for mucous plugging. . BPH/LUTS and retention due to cough medications s/p failed trial void 5/16/17 and failed again on 6/6/17. At today’s visit he is found in his room at the facility. He is awake, alert and oriented. He has a flat affect and answer questions with a yes or no. He is wearing oxygen, he denies having shortness of breath. He reports
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