Traumas Found with Childbirth

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In this paper, there will be explanations of the more severe cases the mother may exhibit during and/or after her pregnancy. Information on treatments and recovery of such traumas will be discussed as well as causes and some of the more common birth injuries to the baby will be explored.
Psychological Traumas
Robinson, Smith, and Segal (2012) defines emotional and psychological trauma as the result of stressful events that shatter a person’s sense of security, feeling helpless and vulnerable in a dangerous world. A person’s subjective emotional experience of the event is what determines if the event is traumatic. Some causes to emotional and psychological trauma is 1) happens unexpectedly, 2) unprepared, 3) powerless to prevent it, 4) happens repeatedly, 5) someone being intentionally cruel, and 6) happened in childhood. Some commonly overlooked causes of emotional and psychological trauma are 1) falls or sports injuries, 2) surgeries, 3) sudden death of someone close, 4) car accident, 5) break up of a significant relationship, 6) humiliating or deeply disappointing experience, and 7) a discovery of a life-threatening illness or disability (Robinson, Smith, & Segal, 2012). Some symptoms of emotional and psychological trauma is shock, anger, mood swings, guilt,…
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