Traumas Of Beauty

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Traumas of being Black and Female

“Beauty was not something to behold, it was something one could do” by Toni Morrison
The Bluest eye describes beauty as blues eyes. Neither one of the young girls in neither of these stories have blue eyes. Pecola, Claudia, and Frieda all believe their ugly and struggle with life itself because of it. Pecola struggles with a dysfunctional family, Claudia and Frieda are sisters where their pain come from their own family and both tend to lie about the truth that goes on. Pecola the protagonists in the story not only calls herself ugly but has an disfunctional relationship with her parents. Pecola’s mother never listens to her and her father torches her with mom never believing her. Runaway love is a song
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Frieda and Claudia Macteer are sisters. They have learned how to be strong black females who can fight back and not overwhelmed and brainwashed by standards of beauty imposed on them by societies vision. Love stayed in the Macteer house even in their blues and frustration. Because of their mother's strengths and examples, both Claudia and Frieda are able to fight back against the forces that threaten to destroy them psychologically. Both girls resent the fact that not only white society but also black society values the Maureen Peals of the world. They realize that they must create their own self-worth in this world of beauty to which Claudia and Frieda believe they don't belong. In the song “Runaway love” by Ludacris tells the story of a young girl Nicole, who has trouble in her own home. Little Nicole only feels comfortable in while she goes to school because of little Stacey. Lil Stacey understand Nicole and knows what she goes through and keep her secrets and promises to be tight to the end. One day Little Stacey is walking on her block and gets shoot be a stray bullet and little Nicole is left alone once again. As the song goes on “Now Nicole is stuck in the world on her own forced to think a place called home nothing else to do but get her clothes and pack she said she’s ‘bout to run away and never comeback.” By Ludacris. Sources say this was based on…show more content…
In the song Runaway love explains the lies and struggles young black females encounter every day. In the bluest eye Toni Morrison details on how Pecola always held in her problems with her father because of the misleading of her own mother, “Thrown, in this way, into the binding conviction that only a miracle could relieve her, she would never know her beauty. She would only see what there was to see: the eyes of other people.” She made herself believe of having those blue eyes would have changed her life for better, but because she was gifted with blue eye because she is black, Pecola says she is nothing but ugly. Claudia grapples with the hate for Shirley Temple. “I hated Shirley. Not because she was cute, but because she danced with Bojangles, who was my friend, my uncle, my daddy, and who ought to have been soft-shoeing it and chuckling with me. Instead he was enjoying, sharing, giving a lovely dance thing with one of those little white girls whose socks never slid down under their heels.” To others it would be no big deal, it was his job to dance with Temple, not to Claudia though. And poor insecure Frieda demanded to fill like she had to play everyone’s mother because she was the oldest of both, Pecola and Claudia. Always trying to give off love and embraces the girls to feel beautiful, for she thought of her self as a ugly black girl as
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