Traumatic Brain Injury Case Studies

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Traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when there is a damage in the brain a result of physical trauma. TBI may be caused by a penetrating (open) head injury, in which an object pierces the skull and enters the brain tissue, or a closed head injury, in which the skull is not breached, and frequently results in the major long-term disability of individuals surviving head injuries.(7) Cranial firearm wounds often result in severe injury to the brain and related central nervous system (CNS) structures.(17). Although penetrating head trauma is less prevalent than closed head trauma, PBI carries a worse prognosis with high morbidity and mortality rates. Understanding of the mechanisms of injury and aggressive medical management with rapid surgical intervention may lead to improved outcomes.(8)…show more content…
They have a major socioeconomic impact. Besides the high cost with direct patient care, there is also the potential loss of years of productive life.(18)
Majority of firearm injuries specially with that resulting in severe traumatic brain injury are usually treated surgically. Morbidity and mortality data may be helpful in determining which patients are likely to have a benefit from surgery. Patients presenting in poor neurological condition may not be operated on because of the surgeons perception that they will not have a good outcome.(24)
Neurological level, hemodynamic and respiratory status at hospital admission, type of projectile, pupil size and reactivity, as well as the CT findings, all these factors will affect the prognosis so they should be evaluated carefully before the decision of the line of
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