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Traumatic brain injury occurs when a person is hit in the head with a blunt force. This significant force to the head can happen playing recreational sports, on the playground, being in a car or motorcycle accident, falling down at home and your head impacting something, a blast or explosion. Traumatic brain injuries are also the leading cause of fatality rate and disability, especially in children, young adults and elderly. TBI is a devastating condition that affects millions of people nationwide, because it can affect the nervous system permanently, it also messes with the neurological, musculoskeletal, cognitive and much more. TBI force a family to deal with not just the physical disability, with the behavioral and emotional roller…show more content…
There were others before him like Terry Long, Andre Waters and Dave Duerson all of them exhibited some symptoms after receiving a concussion but was ignored or misdiagnose. Just a couple of days ago there was a young woman who had a brain injury in the fall and that she began show signs of depression and develop other issue that had her to act out of character. Despite all that we hear in the media or the disturbing images we see about those who suffer with traumatic brain injury it still does not reregister in peoples' minds. It is time for all American to take notice of this injury that affect so many people and stop saying that it only happen to those who play sports or are in the armed forces because if we don’t we will continue to discover more people committing suicide.
A systematic review of the literature Awareness about traumatic brain injury has increased because of combat operations in Irag and Afghanistan and in the National Football League. The debate over the nature of traumatic brain injury is an ongoing issue. Some think of categorizing from mild to the server is the condition of TBI that can lead to a person bring over diagnosed or misdiagnosed. The other side points out that the focus should not be on diagnosis put on the recovery and treatment of the symptoms.

Misconception Patricia Babin and Patricia Gross points out a brain injury

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