Traumatic Memory Loss

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In the article, “First Human Tests of Memory Boosting Brain Implant a Big Leap Forward”, it expresses how important memory is to a human’s life. And that without it, we simply do not have a life at all. Every year, hundreds of millions of people experience the pain of a failing memory. Memory loss seems to be inescapable. But one maverick neuroscientist is working hard on an electronic cure. Funded by DARPA, Dr. Theodore Berger, a biomedical engineer at the University of Southern California, is testing a memory-boosting implant that mimics the kind of signal processing that occurs when neurons are laying down new long-term memories. The reasons are many: traumatic brain injury, which haunts a disturbingly high number of veterans and football…show more content…
The videos we watched in class all showed ways that future advancements could make the life a human and the things humans do easier and faster. That is always the main goal, but sometimes the things we try to improve do not always improve the quality life of humans. For example, if in the future, everything is done for us (brushing our teeth, making our food appear, transporting us from place to place, etc.), that would not always be best for our health. Humans would become very lethargic. But in this case, this future cure would be a huge breakthrough for humans. Why this article stood out to me is I’ve been around family members who had Alzheimer’s and have witnessed the people I once knew, slowly lose themselves to that horrible disease. Not being able to hold conversations with my grandfather and him not remember my name anymore was a very painful experience to go through. And millions of people go through the very same thing. I envision over the next decade or so, Berger and his team will meet their goal of improving the quality of life for somebody who has a severe memory deficit. Although they have a long way, I believe that there is a very high chance it’s doable. After all, the brain is restricted by its own biophysics. The future holds the possibly of everything and anything. The question is-Are we ready for
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