Traumatized Patients

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Traumatized Mental Health: Traumatized Patients “Traumatic losses, manmade and natural, test the resilience of those who experience them. How individuals react to national crises and traumatic events, and the factors that promote resilience or increase the risk for problems following trauma” (National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). It is very important to know how to work with traumatized patients and what their needs are. Traumatized can affect many people in many different ways. A traumatized patient may experience a situation that was very troubled for them but may not be for others. Here we will talk about the specific needs and methods used to communicate effectively with a patient who is experiencing trauma in their life. Specific Needs of Patient One who is going through some sort of life event that was traumatic for them may need specific help to guide the patient back on track. Once the patient has opened up about…show more content…
Treat the individual with dignity, respect and courtesy. Listen to the individual. Offer assistance but do not insist or be offended if your offer is not accepted. Don't be afraid to say "I don't know," or "Let me check." You can be clear about the limits of your authority or ability to respond to a person's needs or requests. Be mindful that symptoms of TBI and PTSD may fluctuate and are influenced by many factors - there may be periods of ease and comfort as well as more challenging times.• Support, patience and understanding go a long way. Be generous with these (Brain line military). I hope this helps with understanding what a traumatic person can be dealing with every day of their lives. The next time one may judge stop and ask yourself what he or she may have experienced in their lives perhaps he or she has or is experiencing a traumatic life event. Ask is there something that I can do to help? Would you like to talk with me? Sometimes just listen to what he or she is
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