Travel And Transportation Region At Asia Pacific Airlines Essay

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According to (Ramchandi 2015), last March there was an increase percentage of demand passengers with an average of 12 percent in the Asia Pacific region and it describes the Asia Pacific airlines recorded the strongest increase of passengers. Most of the civil aviation members both internationally and domestic agreed that the Asia Pacific states as fastest growing travel and transportation region in the world. Since they are now the largest region of passengers in the world, there are chances that they provide a framework plan for better infrastructure development in airlines particularly more on high quality maintenance and engines for high standard safety. The question is how the Asia Pacific made it successfully, reaching a billion dollars profit from Asia Pacific airline companies. Why people travel and what are their relationship between an airline and in a destination? There are some purpose why people travel but we must understand also why some passengers choose to book an expensive flight. Not all, majority of the passengers prefer to book a flight in low cost airlines. For instance, it is necessary to think and understand why Asian travellers love to travel and their purposes to visit in a destination. Travel demand refer to the amount number and type of people who are seeking for an experience and outstanding service from the airline and the destination that they’re going to visit that would purchase at a given price and quality. International Civil Aviation
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