Travel Demand Forecasting for Gold Coast, Queensland Essay

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Civil Design Project 2012 Travel Demand Forecasting Gold Coast, Queensland CONTENTS Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Traffic Analysis Zone Chapter 3: Trip Generation Chapter 4: Trip Distribution Chapter 5: Traffic Assignment Chapter 6: Conclusions I. Introduction 1. Land use analysis introduction In 2012, the current population of Gold Coast is approximately 540,000 with an increasing number of 13,000 to 16,000 per year and it is estimated that the population of Gold Coast will approach 800,000 by 2031 (Australia Bureau Statistics, 2012). In addition, the population projections released in 2011 indicated that the annual change of the population of the Gold Coast City Council is expected to be 1.6% by 2031 (Queensland…show more content…
* Residential: This land use mainly contributes a large amount of travel in traveling analysis. * Transportation facilities. * Gold Course. * Outdoor sport. * Post office. * Commercial stores. * Educations: Griffith University, South Port high school, Child cares, etc. * Restaurants: high turn-over and fast-food. * Convenience market chains. The roads primarily contributing to the travel amount: * Pacific Motor way. * Smith Street. * Olsen Ave * Gold Coast Highway * Nerang rd. This project aim to: - Grasp the skills for conducting land use analysis/ transportation planning by using VISUM. * Familiarize the network modelling system. * Estimate and predict the PA for different zones in Year 2012 and 2032. * Estimate and predict the travel demand in years 2032 of the existing roads in Gold Coast. II. Traffic Anlysis Zone 1. The purpose of dividing the area into zones and method of zoning. By dividing the study area into different zones which is called Network Modeling, students could establish the relationship between traffic demand and road network, from these, a further relationship between zones are created and the travel demands are calculated on VISUM. The size of zones varies and determined by the traffic analysis. The term “network” is commonly used to describe a structure that can be either physical

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