Travel Meta Search Sites And Potential Benefits Of Suite Spot Partnering

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Based on suggestions from the decision support team and the interest shown by some of the executives in Suite Spot, the following report is an analysis of travel meta-search sites and potential benefits of Suite Spot partnering with a meta-search provider. The report also examines the benefits of text mining and sentiment analysis, performed on the data provided by a meta-search provider. Best travel meta-search site Travel meta-search is going through an exponential growth phase for the past few years. Kayak which was founded in 2004 processed close to 1.6 billion queries in 2013 alone (McCartan, ). Priceline Group acquired Kayak in 2013 and in the same year Expedia acquired Trivago for approximately $564 million. Kayak was an early started followed by Trivago, TripAdvisor and recently Google with its Google Hotel Finder (Schaal, c). In a recent interview with, Kayak CEO Steve Hafner acknowledged that TripAdvisor, Trivago, and Google are formidable competitors and it 's becoming increasingly difficult for smaller players to keep up with the level of innovation (Schaal, b). Based on a quick analysis of their public pages and their website Kayak seems to be the best meta-search site which is gathering a vast range of information about hotel reservations and customers. Kayak is available in over 30 countries and 18 languages. A recent report that ranks booking websites based on web traffic, rates Kayak well above its closest competition Trivago. The ‘estimated

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