Travel Nurse

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In today’s fast paced work environments, people who live in the United States are too busy to take the time to travel, unlike Japan where Company’s send families on vacations with all expenses paid. Many people get too caught up in work and their everyday life, while some simply cannot financially afford it, or jobs give very minimum days to take time off. A philosopher by the name of Saint Augustine once said “The world is a book and those who do not travel only see one page” On the other hand, there are many visions of different places I would like to travel too, but even myself will get caught up in work or find it rather difficult to get time off. In addition, that is why I want to join traveling with work and become a traveling nurse.…show more content…
Another reason I want to become a traveling nurse it allows me to make a great income. When accepting an assignment and signing a contract the length of the allocated time can last up to thirteen to fifteen weeks. Sometimes an agency will offer a sign on bonus that averages between $800 to $8,000 dollars depending on the location of the assignment. After signing a contract I would be guaranteed hours of work. Also, the pay rates are higher for travel nurses than permanent nursing staff. I can make anywhere from $28 to $45 dollars per hour. Not to mention that many agencies for travel nurses would cover the cost of travel, provide free or reduce housing and cover meals and incidentals, which gives me the time to save up, or pay off any loans if needed. In addition, there are sixty four percent of Americans who stress out about money every day unlike travel nurses, which would give me a consistent income that I can depend…show more content…
The third reason I want to become a travel nurse is I want to help others. The way I look at nursing is not just a job to clock in an out of, but it gives me a window of opportunity to save lives and provide care to the people in need. Also, it is important as a role of a caretaker that my patients trust me to endow the care they need. With their trust, it makes it easier to interact and regain them back to health. It would be truly fulfilling to see others take control over their health and quality of life to try and make it better. Conversely, being a nurse plays a big role in the emotional aspect. For example, people are the most vulnerable when they are ill and patients may vary their feelings. They may show indignation, sadness, fear or confusion, so it is paramount that I show patients that I am here to help them and offer reassurance. At the end of the day my satisfaction is knowing I helped make an impact in someone else’s
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