Travel Tourist Marketing Plan

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Vu Hoang Travel Tourist Marketing Plan MBA 652 Professor Julia Cronin-Gilmore Bellevue University Winter 2011 Sunlight Travel Tourist Marketing Plan 1. Executive Summary This document contains the marketing plan for an international travel of Sunlight Travel Tourist, a company located in California that offers a travel packages with upscale accommodations, gourmet foods to middle class and wealthy customers who seek to travel internationally. The tours will educate customers about the new environment, give them knowledge in that country and introduce them to new social environment. Initially, the tours will focus on promising markets in Viet Nam. Starting in the second year of business, Sunlight will start to…show more content…
This analysis will be based on customer profiles, set by the customer that contains preferences such as: budget, activities sought, destination and time of travel. A tourist will be therefore able to choose areas of hobby or interest based on their preferences and later identifies destinations to visit. The purpose is to offer customers with access to special travel destinations, service to fully grateful destinations through information packages, not just sight-seeing, and access to special interest travel according to the group's or person's preferences. Sunlight will offer upscale quality travel packages for people who love visiting new place tours and adventure activities tours. The target market will be prepared of young wealthy professionals who work and play hard. These people have enough money to play expensively and are willing to buy time in the form of our services. Sunlight will serve to these people the adventure activities niche market as a high quality, full service provider. Sunlight names quality by the unique features of the services offered. Those features include booking group or custom trips, assistance with passports, providing top of the line equipment and supplies, and a better service offering with entry to different terrain, upscale accommodations, entertainment, celebrity exposure, and gourmet food. The adventure activities tours to be offered are as follows: cross country mountain bike from Ho Chi Minh
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