Travel Trends Of Global Tourism

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2.3 The travel trends of global tourism The world is getting even more connected year by year. Cheap flights provided by low-cost carriers make weekend breaks in foreign destinations easier than ever, and smart translation apps, map apps, and international hotel booking web pages are eliminating language barriers. We could also see an increase in international business travel due to globalization and an increase in multinational organizations. Some people are easy to be tired of the city which they currently live, therefore, they would like to go travel as long as they have enough time and money to afford the trip. There is a notable trend of tourists wanting to unplug and absolutely sign-off from work on a holiday. This tendency is only rising further. According to Virtuoso’s 2016 Travel Luxe Report, tourists are looking for opportunities to explore lesser-known destinations, especially those that are untouched or uncommon. Lots of tourists wish to explore new places, create eventful memories, cross something off their bucket list and push the frontier of their comfort zone. The developing countries market for tourism is the fastest-growing tourism source in the last decade. Take Chinese market as an example, it had spent $498 billion in 2014 on outbound travel. Young travelers, which count for about 20% of the world 's tourists place greater importance on the tourism industry. They travel to broaden their horizons and to gain the knowledge of the world. By 2020, this
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