Travel to Bulgaria

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People travel to find pleasure and adventure from these experiences. But, there are some people who do not travel or do not like to travel. I am one of them. From one point, I am a traveler because I came here to study. Although I am going one place to another place and visiting with different society and culture, I have travelled for education, not for adventure or excitement. I have been in Bulgaria for almost two years, but I have not travelled yet during that time, except for going back to my home country. Why do I not travel? There are three reasons that explain why I do not travel; money, transportation and food. First of all, the travelling costs too much to me because I am a student, especially international student. Thus, I have not enough money to travel. Also, living in Bulgaria costs bit more than that in my hometown. Therefore, I try to spend less. When I went to Sofia, I spent money on the expenses of transportation and food, nothing on the other activities such as visiting the local museums. The less money I spend on the travel, the less satisfaction and pleasure I will get from that. Secondly travelling starts by planning destination, buying ticket of the bus, train or plane and preparing luggage, etc. But sitting on the plane or bus for many hours is not comfortable at all. Also, you will get tired and bored. I have spent eleven hours…
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