Traveling to the Egyptian Pyramids Essay

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Santiago dreamed of becoming a shepherd, to travel so he can see the entire world and learn from the people experience although his father wants him to become a priest. Santiago dreamed a strange dream so he went to a gypsy women to interpret his dream, he told her that he saw the same dream twice, he dreamed that he was in a field with his sheep, when a child appeared and began to play with the animals, he doesn’t like people to do that because the sheep are afraid from strange people, the child went on playing with his sheep for a while suddenly the child took his both hands and transported him to the Egyptian Pyramids, the child said to Santiago “ If you come here, you will find a hidden treasure” the child was about to show him …show more content…
Santiago started his journey to the Egyptian Pyramids.

Santiago is robbed for all his money shortly after arriving in Tangier. With no money and no sheep. He realizes that he was stupid to believe in his dream. He needed to find a way to make money to return home so; he gets a job cleaning crystals. He works with the crystal merchant works almost a year at the crustal merchant shop and brings the shop great success. the boy was sad that he will not follow his omens, one day the crystal merchants was talking to the boy about his dream to go to Mecca and it is one of the obligation from the five obligations in Islam, but the crystal merchants did not go and make his dream come true, so the boy asked him why you did not to achieve your dream in Mecca the crystal merchants said: “ the thought of Mecca that keeps me alive” that what help him face these years. The boy think about the crystal merchants dream and he did not achieve till now so the boy thought about his dream and if he did not do it now he will never be able to do it again. Santiago gathers enough money to continue his journey, he joined a caravan that will across the desert and it will stop at the Al-Faiyum oasis.

Santiago went to join the caravan that is going to cross the desert and stop at the Al-Faiyum oasis, the leader of the caravan told the people that they must listen to him

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